CE Coaches


The first official day of practice is a special day. It is in that period of time prior to the first meet that you do much of your teaching. It is when you implement strategy, discuss technique, teach fundmentals, formulate goals, communicate expectations and lay the foundations for team chemistry.


All Carolina Elite coaches are required to submit to a background check before any contact with the children. All coaches will attend various mandatory meetings before and during each season. These meeting will consist of Safety, rule changes, team growth and the development of the program. Safety is our #1 concern.

Carolina Elite will strive to attract the best coaches with the experience necessary to run a program that will give each child the proper tools to achieve success. Coaches meetings are conducted to insure that all rules are understood and that all of the requirements are met. All coaches are volunteers and are dedicating a great deal of their time to coach these children. This is meant to be a time of teaching and growth for the children. Our focus must remain to be a positive role model for all the children in the program.

Coaches will represent Carolina Elite in a positive manner in all events on and off the field. Coaches will show good sportsmanship at all times and be a positive role model for the children. Coaches found to be in violation of the code of conduct or misrepresentation the Carolina Elite in any manner on or off the field will be subject for disciplinary actions. To include but not limited to temporary suspension to immediate dismissal. All decisions final and not subject to an appeal.

As a Coach, you are one of the most important elements in youth track and field You must be familiar with the concepts, goals, and philosophies of fair team play. A knowledgeable, team oriented coach brings success to their program which not only reflects on their own team, but all teams within the USATF. All our Coaches are to be concerned with the player’s grades, citizenship and how effective his/her coaching is to the participants. While winning as well as losing is part of any sport, great emphasis must be placed upon sportsmanship and overall attitude of the team. Coaches must teach teamwork, cooperation, discipline and demand hard work from athletes. Strive to make practice and games fun and rewarding for the athletes so they will look forward to returning next season.


Many people judge our athletic accomplishments by counting wins and losses.

Winning is important to every coach. However, it shouldn’t be our only goal. A big part of the job is helping to develop solid, responsible athletes who are able to become upstanding citizens. When we, as coaches, can teach a group of individuals to care as much about each other as they do about themselves, we have truly created a winner!

We will educate team members about team’s purpose
We will establish and track team’s goals and achievements
We will be dedicated volunteers


  • Reggie Love, Drew Brown
  • Chris Love, Bryan Patton
  • Danny Peebles, Rod Williams
  • Julie Reece, Randy Reece
  • Dexter Williams, Darin Hines
  • Cedrerick Montague, Dreama McCoy
  • Gabrielle Brown, Demuzla “Moose” Bryant
  • Sharon Plummer, Eric Brown
  • Founders: Chris Love, Warren Marshall, Danny Peebles


ALL EVENTS: Distance, Long Jump, Shot Put/Discus, Hurdles, Special Events and More…

  1. Become a USATF Member
  2. Complete a background check
  3. Complete USOC SafeSport course
  4. Sign and return Youth Club: Coach/Volunteer Information form accompanied by a copy of your NC drivers license.